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Hélène Pitie-Vincent
27-04-16 11:39:47
I've attended Maurice's training with my pre-sales teammates, to me one of the most difficult public for a communication training as we follow lots of them. After only 5 min of training I was totally into it. I learned new powerful techniques that are so easy to apply daily and I really see a difference in my meetings. I will not go backward and strongly recommend Maurice.

HR Digital Transformation, Oracle
Stijn Hermans
27-04-16 11:37:37
I would definitely recommend the Presentation Skills Training to any sales profile. Maurice is a very inspiring person, sharing his knowledge on how to give a strong presentation, combined with a clear vision on grabbing the audience and keeping their attention and interest. This training is accessible for junior profiles as well as more experienced presenters. Within a few weeks I will also follow the Social Selling Training by Maurice.

Develops business bij SoftwareONE
Yvonne Mason
22-02-16 18:06:37
I recently attended a Presentation Training Session that was developed and delivered by Maurice - and i can honestly say that it was THE best one that i have ever attended .... and in keeping with the power of 3, i will say that i found it very relevant, thought provoking - and fun,!!
Excellent course and excellent presenter - and i cant wait for any follow up courses !!!

Principal Solution Consultant ERP
Jan Van Bosch
26-11-15 16:35:09
I had the pleasure of attending a training by Maurice, one on sales presentation skills. One of the first questions asked, was about which presentations I could remember. Not a whole lot I had to admit. Nevertheless, I followed the presentation and formation like I always do. A few days later, I had to help some of my colleagues out for a presentation for one of our seminars. Imagine my surprise a that I could remember the whole training by heart, I only had to check the summary sheet, that Maurice gave us after the training, once! If you have the possibility of following one of is presentations, do not hesitate. Thanks Maurice.
Minka Verheul
24-11-15 12:17:17
Last days I attended 2 trainings organized by Maurice; on sales presentation skills and on LSEO (LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization). Both trainings gave me new insights, it was inspiring and some important actions for me to take. Maurice is an experienced presenter and a good teacher. His drive and know-how makes it valuable trainings with both theory- and hands-on practices. I would certainly recommend these trainings to others.

Channel Sales Manager
Frank Dorst
23-11-15 21:57:34
I attended a 1-day training presentation skills organized by Maurice. I am not new to presenting and have gone through various trainings in the past. Still I try to follow some training once every so often for inspiration, to reconfirm my knowledge and for new tips. Maurice didn’t disappoint. He is clearly an experienced presenter and a good teacher. He has an enormous enthusiasm, knows how to get the message across and offers a good mix of theory and best-practices. I would certainly recommend his training to others.

Frank Dorst
CTO and owner at Whitehorses
Michelle Dawkins
26-10-15 17:12:44
I had the great pleasure of working with Maurice when he delivered some presentation skills training for my team. I provided Maurice with some simple objectives for the training, I wanted him to teach them how to ‘wow’ the audience, deliver high impact presentations and be memorable. In a very short space of time he absolutely delivered on those objectives and more. Some examples of the feedback from my team –
“I have never been so captivated during a training session”
“That was the best training I have received in a long time”
"Very different, and more useful than any other presentation skills training I have attended”

Maurice has a very compelling presentation technique and provides simple yet effective tips for perfecting the art of presenting. He is also great to work with, energetic and passionate about his subject. Thank you Maurice!

Michelle Dawkins
Solution Consulting Manager at Oracle
Maurice Klein Breteler
29-12-14 08:52:33
Mijn naamgenoot Maurice heeft mij heel goed geholpen bewust te worden van wat belangrijk is bij het voorbereiden en geven van een goede presentatie. Echt veel aan gehad, bedankt!
Lidwien Van den Eijnde
29-11-14 22:52:57
Mooie site, ziet er
Ik vond het in ieder geval fijn om je te leren kennen en heb veel aan je tips gehad.
Heel veel succes, Lidwien
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